Glass Designer

I was born in Pécs in 1972.My father was a ceramicist and my mother a teacher. My father taught me to drawand to think.
I graduated from the Visual and Applied Arts Vocational Secondary School in 1990 and with a degree from the Applied Arts University in 1995. I had one real teacher there in the strict sense of the word: the philosopher, Elemér Kéri.I recieved my Masters Degree in 1997 at the same place. My teachers at the time were my friends, as they often were later on. Professionally and as people.I then received a Lajos Kozma Applied Arts scholarship for three years. That is when I turned my full attention to blown, furnace-ready, glass making and it seems this was definitive.In 2004 I got a scholarship to the glass department of the Dublin National College to do my Ph.D. My teacher was the excellent Róisín de Buitéar.I have been teaching modelling and glass design at the Applied Arts University in Budapest, now the Moholy-Nagy Arts University. I live in Révfülöp with my wife Orsolya, two sons, Mikes and Bertalan, and… (my daughter ? …)I have taken part in numerous international glass art exhibitions; since 1994 I have had solo exhibitions in Hungary and my work is in public collections. (Applied Arts Museum, Budapest; Veszprém County Museum, etc.) My mural work can be seen both outdoors and indoors. I blow old glass anew and new glass in the old style. I can make lamps, prizes, windows, partitions; I design glass for production lines and individual pieces. I make everything that is glass if it is professionally interesting or a challenge, or is at least paid. I have built kilns and furnaces.I am not interested in a professional or international career or reputation. I am interested in professional ethics and would like to see it not only in my work, but in the profession itself. I strive for a kind of harmony and order in my work, which is not a sacred, dogmatic order but a living one.

1994- Szombathely, Contemporary Hungarian Glass Art Exhibition1995- Budapest, Tölgyfa Gallery, diploma exhibition1995- Budapest, Applied Arts Museum, Paradoxon Glass Art2001- Budapest, Buda Castle, Millenium Exhibition2001- Gödöllő, Castle Riding Hall, „Experience and Ideal”2002- Budapest, Applied Arts Museum, The meaning of glass2004-5- Budapest, Kaposvár, Saint Helen, London, Tilburg, „Fragile Cargo”2006-7- Budapest, Applied Arts Museum, Craft and Design2013- Eger, István Dobó Museum, Synagogue Gallery, „Reform”

1994- Budapest, Marcibányi Square Cultural Centre, „Bottle confined in a spirit”1995- Budapest, Tam Tam Gallery, „Hungarian Mancow”1999- Budapest, St.Art Gallery, „I am sorry…”2000- Kaposvár, Vaszary Gallery, glass designed by Rippl-Rónai2008- Pécs, Parti Gallery, glass objects of Matthias Corvinus2010- Lovas, Gyula Nagy Gallery, „Not master, but bungler”2011- Veszprém, Village Museum in Bakony,„ The more, the better. For wine, water, brandy .”2011- Óbánya, Village House, „Shelf”2013- Szeged, EDF Démász (Electricity)Headquarters, „Light miners” ,together with MátyásPataki

My works:
Window designs for a wine bar, antique bottles amongst curved ones, college work, together with Béla Ferdics, approx. 30x40x20cm. 1993.Screen, leaded stained glass, for painter Ferenc Pataky, diploma piece, 87×195 cm, 1995, SzegedComplete reconstruction of staircase windows at headquarters of the World Association of Hungarians in Benczur Streeet, Budapest. Architect: Péter Rabb, 18 m2, acid frosted, leaded, coloured glass window, 1996.12 pillar capitals for the facade of the Belvárosi office building in Dunaújváros with János Polyák. Architect: Dezső Ekler. Cast glass bricks with signs of the zodiac. 85x60x30 cm, 1996.Decorated plaster wall for stage at Gyökér Restaurant, with János Polyák. 300x600x10 cm, 1997, BudapestLeaded stained glass windows for ecumenical chapel of the Children’s Hospital in Miskolc, with László Cserba. 8,75 m2 (double layer), 2000, MiskolcCommission by architect, Zoltán Horvát, to design and execute glass walls of furnace ready discs for his projected house. Enlarged panes of glass. Discs between 20 and 40 cms. Whole surface: 9 m2, 2001, BudapestDecorative wall of ‘hussar’ plates in Imre Bednárik’s house. Furnace ready pictures between the two layers. 18 pieces 16 m2, 1999, BudapestGoldfish and glass hussar. Commission by architect, István Kövér, for two reliefs as decoration for tower of block of flats in Ovoda Street, Szolnok. With my friend László Kotormán. 140x160x8 cm 2 pieces. 2002, SzolnokSzt. Gellért parish church leaded, painted decorative windows. With my friend Norbert Kis Gábor and executed by Károly Soós and Tibor Krémer. 4×7, 6 m2, 2004, Budapest, Kelendföld.Windows for a brick wall, glass bent in a kiln, college work, 1993-94, 60x80x25cm. 12 panes for my studio window at Thököly Rd. 8. Coloured glass, approx. 2x3m, 1999, Budapest.‘Lisi’s glass panes’ (“the sun goes down, the moon rises”), glass panes for two doors, leaded, coloured glass with blown glass circles, private commission, with the help of Bálint Kassai, for the entrance doors of a renovated peasant house. 40x70cmx4, 2004, Zala County.Restoration of the glass dome at the Gresham Palace. Commission from Rozetta Studio. Glass expert’s work, 2001-2002, Budapest.Windows for Attila Lőrincz. Coloured, leaded windows, with furnace-made glass discs. 15m2, 2002, Budapest.Ceiling of private house, leaded glass, with blown opalin glass elements 12m2, 2003, Budapest, Érd.Chapel windows for the onetime chapel at the Special School in San Marco St, now a concert hall, decorative windows. Special coloured, leaded with bordered circular panes and painted inserts, approx. 13m2. Restoration of the top rose window with turn of the century angel, approx. 5 m2. Executed by Károly Sós and Tibor Krémer. Architect: Tamás Tarnóczki, 2008, BudapestEntrance staircase windows for Ákos Héjj and family. Leaded, coloured glass panes. Approx. 3.5 m2. 2010, Budapest.Rhododendron glass panels for Kneipp-style therapeutic baths in Vas Subregion. Coloured, painted, leaded, decorative glass, inserted in ‘thermoplan’ double layer glass. 80×120 cm. 16pieces. 2012. Vas County.Complete restoration of decorative glass at Debrecen County Public Cemetery funeral parlours. Approx. 77m2. With restorer, Tibor Krémer. 2013. Debrecen